Dive with confidence with our expert instructors

Explore a world of marine marvels on the Great Barrier Reef

If you are a diver, the Reef needs no introduction. It's on every diver's bucket list and provides some of the best diving in the world.

The Reef is huge, and while you could spend months exploring its various parts and dive sites, we can take you to some of the best ones, just a few hours out of Cairns.

Each reef is different and you never know what you'll see. Even our most experienced instructors often see something new or unexpected!

From sprawling, shallow coral gardens that look like you are in an endless aquarium, to deep walls, drop-offs and cavernous swim-throughs, there is something for everyone.

Wherever you go, the visibility is nearly unmatched, and often to 30m+!

All reefs offer something special, whether that's the curious inhabitants of its bommies, the diversity of coral or incredible landscapes and swimthroughs.

Two of our favourites are Milln and Flynn. They host some of the most famous dive sites out of Cairns, such as Three Sisters, The Whale and Little Tracy. There you can see everything from the smallest nudibranchs and nemo fish through to large turtles and sharks and so many more.

And once you are done with your day dives, night diving offers an experience on a completely different level.

Swim through the galaxy of bioluminescence, and watch the myriad of critters come out to hunt at night, with reef sharks buzzing around and reef fish sleeping in their holes.

All our dives are guided by our experienced instructors so you are sure to see the best each reef has to offer - and not get lost!

With only 12 guests on board you will not be diving with the crowds.

Instead, with 2 dive instructors guiding small groups you are guaranteed a personal experience suited to you - one you will cherish forever.

That is not a problem, just let us know. Our instructors will give you a refresher on the theory and equipment, and make sure you're comfortable and safe in the water.

If you are a certified diver, we recommend getting a Certified diving ticket where all diving is included (both day and night dive). See the ticket here.

Yes, all dive packages include the complete dive gear. We also have both stinger suits for summer months, and 5mm wetsuits for colder winter months.

All of our dives are guided, to guarantee your safety and make sure you've got the best experience possible without getting lost!

Different dive sites are at different depths, some to 30m+. Most of our diving is in the 15-20m range though, as that's where the greatest abundance of life is.

Visibility varies throughout the year, but also from day to day and location to location.

Generally, visibility is best in winter (June-August), but is very good throughout the year, especially on the outer reefs which usually offer over 20m of visibility.

In summer (Dec-Feb), the water warms up to 30-32C, and falls down to about 22-25C in winter.

The stinger (jellyfish) season is roughly November-May. However, stingers breed in rivers, and as we travel quite far to the reef their occurence there is lower. We further reduce the risk by using stinger suits. These are thin lycra wetsuits that cover your entire body except the face (which is mostly covered by the mask).