Snorkelling adventures with Coral Sea Dreaming

Discover the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef without the crowds

Not interested in diving?

That's ok. Although we do focus on diving, there is plenty to see snorkelling too (in fact, we find that sometimes our snorkellers see things divers missed!).

All of our locations have deeper and shallower areas, usually just meters from the boat. The coral and fish are most colourful in the shallows, and there is so much to see just floating over these beautiful, sprawling coral gardens. Often in just a couple of meters of water!

When snorkelling, you will always be under watch from someone on the boat, and with our tender ready to go should you need help at any point.

Our crew will give you a site briefing and suggest where to go to see the most life, so you know you will be experiencing all there is to see.

Importantly, with our low passenger numbers, you will often feel like you've got the reef to yourself. No crowds or other people hitting you with their fins. You are free to explore and make your own Coral adventure.

Yes, all snorkeling gear (including wetsuits or stinger suits) is included in your base tour price.

You can, but we don't recommend it. While we provide floatation devices for snorkeling, none of the areas we visit offer a beach or places to stand in the water. Rough weather can make this worse because the ocean gets choppy and if you can't swim, can make the experience uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, due to regulations we can not allow you to freedive. This also means no weight belts for snorkellers.

In summer (Dec-Feb), the water warms up to 30-32C, and falls down to about 22-25C in winter.

The stinger (jellyfish) season is roughly November-May. However, stingers breed in rivers, and as we travel quite far to the reef their occurence there is lower. We further reduce the risk by using stinger suits. These are thin lycra wetsuits that cover your entire body except the face (which is mostly covered by the mask).