Take your first dive: Introductory diving with Coral Sea Dreaming

Experience the thrill of scuba diving for an unforgettable adventure

Have you ever wondered what it's like to explore the amazing underwater world, but never had the time to complete the course?

Introductory diving is just the answer. It is fun and easy, and will give you a taste of what scuba diving is like in a safe environment and without any prior diving experience.

Our instructors will give you a theory lesson to explain the physiology of diving and standard techniques and practices.

They will then proceed to explain how the equipment works and how your first dive will look like.

After that, you get in the water (always in a very small group) and begin your dive over the beautiful coral gardens.

You can expect to see the colourful coral, rays, small nemo fish in their anemone, turtles and even the small reef sharks! Don't worry, they don't bite!

An introductory dive is just like a normal scuba dive, but you will be under direct supervision of the instructor the whole time. It is also limited to a maximum depth of 12m for your safety - but that's where the most colourful life is anyway!

Introductory diving, like all diving and other water activities, carries a certain risk. However, our instructors are trained and will make sure you are both comfortable and safe at all points of the dive.

No, diving is charged spearately. You can see all our prices on the Prices page.

Yes, all dive packages include the complete dive gear. We also have both stinger suits for summer months, and 5mm wetsuits for colder winter months.

Sometimes, our guests are interested in trying scuba diving but after getting into the water they still feel uncomfortable and don't wish to continue.

If that happens to you, we won't charge you for your first intro dive. Once you get in the water and start descending, your instructor will ask you for a sign you're ok to continue the dive. If you continue past that point, it is a paid intro dive. If not, we will abort the dive and will not charge you.

Yes, you can still try introductory diving. We will do our best to make sure you're comfortable in the water; however if you have fear of water or are not comfortable with the idea of going underwater, you should not attempt diving.

Different dive sites are at different depths, some to 30m+. As a non-certified diver, you can go to at most 12m depth though, and most of the dives will be in the 5m-10m range.

Visibility varies throughout the year, but also from day to day and location to location.

Generally, visibility is best in winter (June-August, when we sometimes get 40m+), but is very good throughout the year, especially on the outer reefs which usually offer over 20m of visibility.

In summer (Dec-Feb), the water warms up to 30-32C, and falls down to about 22-25C in winter.

The stinger (jellyfish) season is roughly November-May. However, stingers breed in rivers, and as we travel quite far to the reef their occurence there is lower. We further reduce the risk by using stinger suits. These are thin lycra wetsuits that cover your entire body except the face (which is mostly covered by the mask).