Explore the pristine locations of the Great Barrier Reef

Immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of the Reef with Coral Sea Dreaming's expert guides

Coral Sea Dreaming has access to over 25 moorings on 9 different reef systems, including some of the most famous dive sites around Cairns.

Three Sisters and The Whale on Milln, Little Tracey on Flynn, 5 Ways on Moore and Michaelmas Cay are just some of the many sites we visit with untouched coral gardens.

Our locations are all suitable for snorkelers as well as experienced divers.

We will always seek out the best reef locations based on the current weather conditions, so reef locations visited may vary from trip to trip.

In strong winds the boat usually travels North visiting a selection of reefs which may include Hastings, Michaelmas and Breaking Patches. In lighter winds, we visit the southern reefs comprised of Flynn, Milln or Thetford.

Visibility can vary throughout the year and at different sites due to weather conditions, but is generally very good at all locations we visit. Because we only go to mid- and outer- reefs, you can experience visibility from 15 up to 40m+ at times.

The Reef is home to a diverse range of coral and fish species. You can expect to see everything from the miniature nudibranchs and reef fish to sea turtles, reef sharks, pelagic fish and even the occasional Manta ray.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for playful dolphins and breaching whales on the way to the reef as well!