Aboard our iconic sailing vessel

Dive, relax and unwind on our renowned liveaboard

Coral Sea Dreaming is a sailing motor yacht. It is a 52ft (15.85m) long steel mono-hull, powered by a 140kw diesel engine.

It sleeps up to 12 guests and 3 crew.

Aerial boat photo
Boat plan

As seen on the layout on the left, there are two private cabins in the back (1 & 2).

In front of them is an area with two bunk beds (5).

Going forward through the hallway, we have one of the toilets and a shower on the left, before reaching the Saloon.

This is where we serve food and is also a place to hide in particularly bad weather. Next to it is the galley where the food is prepared.

Moving forward, we have the other toilet on the left side, and another private cabin on the right (3).

Finally, there is a 4-bunk, v-shaped shared cabin in the front (4).

All of the cabins and the saloon are air-conditioned. This is powered by a 17kVA generator which also powers all of our cooking and the dive compressor.

Outside, we have the diving area at the front. This is where the scuba tanks are and where the divers get ready for their dives. We jump in the water from the platform and come back up via stairs lowered into the water.

The boat is equipped with a 3-phase compressor and 3 air banks, making filling the tanks a breeze. The tanks are filled in the time you are waiting for your surface interval, and always ready for the next dive.

In the middle is the sundeck. This is an area to relax and sunbathe, or have a nap in the hammock. At night, it's the perfect spot for stargazing.

Aerial boat photo from the side
Area under the canopy

Going around the wheelhouse, we have the captain's helm desk and the main area under the canopy. When not diving, the guests will spend most of their time here, sharing stories over a cup of tea or a cold beer (only after all diving is done!).